Great Smoky Arts and Crafts Community

The Gatlinburg Arts and Crafts Community is among the largest independent organization of artisans in the country. They preserve creative and cultural history by continuing many of the arts and crafts that have been created locally for many years. 

History of the Great Smoky Arts and Crafts Community:

For years after Gatlinburg was established, artisans brought their wares to sell in the town. Many created their arts and crafts outside where visitors and residents could watch. In 1937, several artisans decided to leave downtown and move out to the Glades, where many called home. Heavier traffic, weather, and a busier atmosphere made them realize that they wanted to set up shop in there homes, home studios, or nearby in more peaceful surroundings. People visiting Gatlinburg got to see their work on what has now become known as "the loop" which is an 8-mile loop road that currently has more than 100 Artists, Craftsmen, Restaurants, and much more.              

Current Gatlinburg Arts and Crafts Community:                                                     
People will feel like they have stepped into a small mountain town with cozy shops and amazing food. There are many different kinds of wares present in this area. Some artists create beautiful paintings of mountain scenery, local wildlife, and other portraits. Some people are blessed with lost skills like woven baskets, broom-making, pottery, and quilting to name just a few. There are different kinds of items available for travelers, like hand-crafted dolls, finely made ceramics, and different jewelry pieces. For most artists and artisans, you can watch them work and can also ask them questions about their craft and its history related to it.

The Gatlinburg Arts and Crafts Community have several events in a year. An annual craft show usually occurs in downtown Gatlinburg where people set up their shops in the convention center to sell their products. Here, you can spend some time with the artists and learn about their arts and crafts. Another major event is the workshop where you can meet, watch, and learn more about the  Arts And Crafts in Gatlinburg.                                                                                 
The Great Smoky Mountains have a rich history that is related to folk arts. The pioneers settled here in the early 1800s and started crafting items with available resources and inspiration from their land. This self-sufficient stock of folk started the tradition of craftsmanship and art that is still continued on these parts.
The legacy of the original pioneers of East Tennessee, the skill of the folk artists, and the wonder of the Great Smoky Mountains are celebrated in the greater Gatlinburg area.

Visit a Gatlinburg art gallery to know more about these crafts. You can find different items for everyone to pick for in these art galleries shop from pitchers, brooms, paintings, wood crafts, to gorgeous quilts and jewelry.

 Terri Waters Gallery is #97 on the loop (438 Bebb Road):

Bebb Road is off of Buckhorn Road (also known as route 454). 

Drive up Bebb Road and follow the signs that will point you to her beautiful gallery!