Children of the Corn - Watercolor

Children of the Corn - Watercolor

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Out of the mist, dark silhouettes rise, apparitions of a harvest that has ended. And for just a moment, the cornfield becomes a haunted place beneath the gray, cloudy sky. Most early settlers in the Smokies grew corn as a major crop that could also be ground into cornmeal to make bread. The fall corn harvest had to the last the families and their livestock through the winter.

Art Info:

  • Watercolor
  • Original by Terri Waters
  • Original from the collection of Bill & Blanche McCarter

Option Details:

  1. Print (Offset Lithograph) • 12.5" x 18.5" • ($45.00)

    • Limited Edition: 300
    • Printed on paper - 100# matte text
    • Signed and Numbered
    • Frame and mat are not included.