Smokies Sunset

Smokies Sunset

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A Smoky Mountain landscape watercolor of a glorious sunset. Just for an instant, sunlight floods the mountain peaks, its rays running down the ridges. In that moment, before sunset, everything fades away except the warm welcoming fingers of light drawing you into their beauty, is done.

Art Info:

  • Watercolor
  • Original by Terri Waters
  • Original from the collection of Lanett Varnell

Option Details:

  1. Print (Lithograph) • 15.0" x 11.0" • ($30.00)

    • Hand signed
    • Printed on paper
  2. Print (Lithograph) • 23.5" x 17.25" • ($75.00)

    • Limited Edition: 600
    • Printed on paper

More Info:

  • Prints do not include frames or mats.