Spring Ballet - Watercolor

Spring Ballet - Watercolor

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A floral watercolor painting of Dogwood flowers. In the Smokies, the flowering Dogwood tree is one of the heralds of spring. Besides its beauty, the Dogwood was useful to pioneer families in the Great Smoky Mountains. Due to the quality and hardness of the wood, they were able to make horse collars, cogs for gristmills and shuttles for weaving looms. One of my mother’s favorite paintings, "Spring Ballet" hung in a place of honor over the fireplace in her and my father's home, which is now my art gallery.

Art Info:

  • Watercolor
  • Original by Terri Waters
  • Original from the collection of Tom Christenson

Option Details:

  1. Print (Offset Lithograph) • 12.75" x 4.25" • ($30.00)

    • Hand signed
    • Printed on paper - 100# matte text
  1. Print (Offset Lithograph) • 35.0" x 12.5" • ($350.00) - SOLD OUT

    • Limited Edition: 600
    • Printed on paper - 100# matte text
    • Signed and Numbered

More Info:

  • Prints do not include frames or mats.